We launch our own brand, BJ’CLAMAX, based on our technologies and reputations that has built from cooperating with leading domestic 

and foreign companies in the OEM/ODM market. 


BJ’CLAMAX make serious efforts to produce more effective, safe and well-made products.

In today’s serious noxious environment, outdoor air pollutants cause skin problems and other serious health risks as well.

 We believe that natural ingredient offers everything that can create beauty and wellness products. 

We aim to make the safe exemplary cosmetics for men and women regardless of age or gender. 

Therefore, they can protect their skin and health by using BJ’CLAMAX.

We consider BJ’CLAMAX products are gifts for our precious family, so we try hard to make the perfect products with the high qualities. 

It takes time to launch the perfect products; however, we try to keep our value with respect and appreciation with awakened and encouraged spirit of enterprise.